Message From CEO

Jyotilife, “ सधैं तपाईंको साथ ” has embarked on a journey to transform the perception of insurance in Nepal. In the past, insurance was perceived as a financial instrument which provided ‘death benefit’, a technical term which implies that the insurance coverage amount is handed over to next to kin in case of death of the policyholder. We, JyotiLife, are focusing on living benefits such as our Critical Illness Coverage whereby insurance shall create a financial support system to fight dreadful diseases like cancer and start a healthy life all over again and get the full benefit of insurance. Our sales philosophy is governed by ethical selling practices and in order to do that, we are ensuring our agents across the country have these values instilled in them. We have also launched animated videos for our products which we believe explains the benefits of the same which will allow a prospective client to take a fully informed decision when purchasing a policy. Innovation has been a top priority at JyotiLife.

“JyotiCares” is a separate platform created by the company in order to incept various initiatives so that we may give back to the community that we operate in. As par to JyotiCares, we have launched JyotiCares Card for our policyholders and other key stakeholders which gives them priority-based service at various hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc. at a discounted rate. We have also recently launched JyotiCares Initiative which provides a dedicated support system to individuals who need extra support and motivation to excel in their career as a life insurance agent. JyotiLife App, our mobile application is packed with features and functionalities so that our policyholders, agents, and staff have all the necessary information readily available at all times. The last 3 years have been truly phenomenal and despite being a new entrant, have quickly established a robust foundation, both tangible and intangible, which will surely propel us forward. My sincere gratitude to all our agents, policyholders, shareholders, regulator, JyotiLife team, Board of Directors, various media houses and everyone who have been a part of JyotiLife’s journey so far and I look forward to your continued support. Thank You.

•  To set the standard of excellence in the life insurance industry.
•  To exceed customer expectations by providing innovative products and services.
•  To be an entrusted brand with the highest standard of integrity.
• To be financially robust and maximize value for all stakeholders.
•  To be the best employer fostering a highly professional and meritocratic environment.
•  To develop agents into knowledgeable financial advisors.
•  To contribute towards the betterment of society.