Company Profile

Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited is established under Company Act 2063 and Insurance Act 2049 as a Public Limited Company in July 2017.

The company plans to reach out to all parts of Nepal and make insurance services available to all the Nepali citizens and safeguard their future interests.

JyotiLife takes pride in it’s diverse list of promoters. The promoters of the company consists of both, individuals from the diverse business background viz. manufacturing, trading and financial and institutions with strong brand value and presence.

Capital Structure

The Company has a paid up capital of Rs. 220 crores, which consists of Rs. 154 Crores raised from the promoter group and Rs. 66 Crores raised from general public via Initial Public Offering (IPO).

JyotiLife believes in customer excellence and shall be adopting technology and innovation in all avenues of it’s business. This shall reduce operational cost, improve efficiency and embed control mechanisms which shall all ultimately create a business value which JyotiLife can pass on to it’s policyholders and shareholders.

Our vision, mission and strategies shall be formulated to maximize our returns to our policyholders whilst adhering to regulatory requirements and laws at all times. JyotiLife will have a strong presence in all states of Nepal through which will be reaching out to it’s clients.