कम्पनीको परिचय

Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited was established under Company Act 2063 and Insurance Act 2049 as a Public Limited Company in July 2017. JyotiLife, “ सधैं तपाईंको साथ ” has embarked on a journey to transform the perception of insurance in Nepal. In the past, insurance was perceived as a financial instrument which provided ‘death benefit’, a technical term that implies that the insurance coverage amount is handed over to next to kin in case of death of the policyholder. We, JyotiLife, are focusing on living benefits such as our Critical Illness Coverage whereby insurance shall create a financial support system to fight dreadful diseases such as cancer and start a healthy life all over again and get the full benefit of insurance. JyotiLife is a pioneer among Nepali Life Insurers to introduce Critical Illness Coverage and till date offers the best coverage in the industry.

JyotiLife takes pride in its diverse list of promoters. The promoters of the company consist of individuals from diverse business backgrounds including manufacturing, trading, and financial sector and institutions with strong brand value and presence.

The Company has an authorized capital of Rs. 300 Crore. Currently, JyotiLife has a paid-up capital of Rs. 220 Crores where 70% amounting to Rs. 154 Crores was raised from the promoter group and 30% amounting to Rs. 66 Crores via Initial Public Offering (IPO) from general public shareholders.

JyotiLife believes in customer excellence and has adopted technology and innovation in all avenues of its business. We believe that this will optimize operational cost, improve efficiency, and embed control mechanisms which shall all ultimately create a business value which JyotiLife can pass on to its policyholders, shareholders, and other stakeholders. JyotiLife has also recently obtained ISO 9001:2005 certification.

Our vision, mission, and strategies have been formulated to create maximum value for all our stakeholders whilst adhering to regulatory requirements and laws at all times.