Life Insurance is a contract between Insured (Policy Owner) and Insurer (Insurance Company) to compensate financial based on sum assured and premium paid there in with the motive of transferring an assumed risk to the insurer. The risk assumed by the insurer is the risk of death of the insured.

Immediately after birth but risk cover will only start after eight years of age.

– Completely Filled Insurance Application Form.
– Health Declaration Form
– Medical Examiner’s Report
– Insurance Agent’s Report
– Citizenship Certificate or Birth Certificate (Minor)

– Application of an Insured
– Original Policy Documents
– Payment receipt of the Last premium
– Citizenship Certificate

Group Insurance Policy is an insurance policy which provides Insurance coverage for a group of people under a single insurance contract. It is an appropriate plan for the employers to extend insurance cover on the life of its employees at a nominal premium.

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Premium will not be refunded. However if the policy had run for minimum of two years some surrender value could be received.

Yes loan can be received to the extent of certain limit of premium paid but one must had paid at least two years annual premium.

Claim is a formal request to an Insurer company asking for a payment based on the terms of the insurance policy. The insurance company reviews the claim for its validity and then pays out to the insured or requesting party (on behalf of the insured) once approved. Documents Necessary for claim are as follow:

No life insurance policy covers only death risk no any medical benefit is given.