Jyoti Technology
  1. SiddhiLife:

JyotiLife uses insurance software called ‘SiddhiLife’, developed by Nepal Data Systems Pvt. Ltd. Which is centralized and can be accessed by our branches/sub-branches for issuing policy and other updates. With the SiddhiLife application, we are able to deliver our services more effectively to our customers.

SiddhiLife is used for Issuing policy, Agent Registration, Underwriting, Re-Insurance, Claim, Reports and more.

SiddhiLife is used by other Life Insurance companies like Surya Life Insurance Co. Ltd, Union Life Insurance Co. Ltd, IME Life Insurance Co. Ltd etc.


2. Mobile App:

JyotiLife-Mobile-appJyotiLife possesses an advanced Mobile app both on the Android platform and iOS platform that can be downloadable from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In the Mobile app JyotiLife uses various API’s for different purpose like Policy Login to check the details of the Policy including transactions, Agent Login with Commission details, Loan details, Benefits details, Tree, Team Business Medical calculator, Schemes info, Staff Login to check the business reports in real-time along with Premium calculator, To do list, Product information, Company Profile etc.

JyotiLife mobile app is compatible with the Smartphones running Android version 4.4 and up whereas for iOS it is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 11 or later.


3. SMS:

jyotilife-smsJyotiLife uses SMS service and integrated to our Core Insurance Software that is sent to the valuable clients when the policy is issued and for other reminders & to Agents as well in real-time.

4. Online Gateway for Renewal Premium:

We use various Online Platforms like eSewa, FonePay, ConnectIPS, and Khalti to pay the Renewal premium both from Web and Mobile app. Premium paid from online may take up to 24hrs to realize.