Premium Calculator
Jyoti Single and Limited Period Endowment Plan
Under this plan, the premium for entire policy term can be paid as single payment or for certain limited period.
JyotiLife Surakshhit Bachat Plan
JyotiLife Endowment Plan is simple and affordable kind of saving plan in which fixed amount of low premium is payable up to certain period of time.
JyotiLife Term Plan
JyotiLife Term Insurance plan is designed for high risk protection to the assured with comparatively very low premium rate than other plans.
JyotiLife Money Back Plan
JyotiLife Money Back Plan or Dhan Lav Jeevan Beema ensures better benefits and periodic returns of sum assured which helps to meet out the financial needs.
JyotiLife Whole Life Plan
JyotiLife Endowment cum Whole Life plan designed to secure life of assured and with the aim to provide the financial protection to the dependent of the assured after maturity.
JyotiLife Child Endowment
The Child Endowment Plan is aimed to protect your child’s future and career. It is important to prepare and arrange fund for child’s education and other social necessities of life today.
Jyoti Three-20 Dhan Bahar Jeevan Beema