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We have all seen an increase in deaths caused due to critical illnesses such as various heart conditions, cancers, kidney problem etc. on the rise. This may be due to our changing lifestyle where we have to operate in higher levels of stress, the food we eat which may be contaminated by various harmful chemicals, the impure water we drink or the polluted air that fill our lungs.

Facts and Figures

20% % of Nepalese Population suffering from some kind of heart-related problem Nepal Heart Foundation
1 out of 6 Deaths are due to some form of Cancer World Health Organization (WHO)
70% Deaths due to cancer occur in low and middle-income countries World Health Organization (WHO)
1/3rd Kidney Patients had to sell their property for their treatment National Kidney Center, Banasthali, Kathmandu
Rs. 24,000 Cost per Dialysis National Kidney Center, Banasthali, Kathmandu
Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 2,500,000 Cost per Organ Transplant Various Sources

JyotiLife takes pride in being the first Nepali Life Insurance Company to take a step forward towards providing the best medical coverage against these ailments. Critical Illness (CI) is an additional coverage/rider that can be jointly subscribed to along with most of the products JyotiLife has to offer.

Illnesses covered


Living Benefit to Policyholders, a paradigm shift in Life Insurance in Nepal

Policyholders may bundle Critical Illness rider and obtain a coverage of up to Rs. 10 lakhs as part of their life insurance plan along with other benefits. Critical Illness coverage, therefore, is a living benefit i.e. a benefit that is paid out although the policyholder is alive. As per the coverage was taken by the policyholder (up to Rs. 10 lakhs) a payout is made to the policyholder if the policyholder is diagnosed with any of the above conditions.

In order to ensure that the policyholders are provided adequate financial support at the time of need, the payout is made against the medical condition, not medical bills. This provides the policyholder real support at the time of need reducing financial strain on the overall family and to the patient/policyholder also.

Saving a Life doesn’t require a Life’s Savings.

Life insurance amongst other benefits also is known as an instrument to safeguard the future of our loved ones should something happen to us. JyotiLife however, is making an attempt to move away from that notion by providing the financial and psychological support at the time of need to our policyholders.

Our objective is to stand and fight the dreadful disease with our policyholders and ensure they fully enjoy their life and an insurance policy that they may have to till their old age. Within a very short span of time since the operation, we, JyotiLife take pride in ensuring almost 6,000 lives impacting a countless number of dependents and family members directly or indirectly.

Our company tagline, motto, philosophy and products, therefore, are 

#Always with You